David Blaine Sails Into Arizona Sky Attached to 52 Helium Balloons in Latest Stunt

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Illusionist David Blaine has been buried alive and frozen in a block of ice. Now he's back at it with a new stunt dubbed "Ascension"—and it may have you thinking about the movie "Up."

After kissing his daughter goodbye, Blaine took off into the sky while holding onto 52 giant helium balloons.

Blaine said his actual inspiration was the 1956 French film "The Red Balloon" that he watched when he was a kid. Blaine talked to this daughter mid-flight, as the stunt was live streamed on YouTube.

At 20,000 feet, his team told him it was time to use his oxygen tank. A short time later, he let go for a free fall, before activating his parachute. He landed without injury.

Blaine said this stunt was all for his daughter.


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