David Robinson, Whose Son Daniel Robinson Has Been Missing Since June, on Relating to Gabby Petito’s Family

Daniel Robinson, a geologist, was last seen leaving his worksite in the Arizona desert on June 23.

David Robinson II has been hoping for news about the whereabouts of his 24-year-old son, Daniel Robinson, ever since the geologist was last seen leaving his worksite in the Arizona desert on June 23. 

Robinson hired a private investigator and left his South Carolina home to be present in Arizona during the search for Daniel, never thinking their family would still need answers three months later.

In July, Daniel's jeep was found two miles away from the worksite. But there's still no trace of Daniel. 

Authorities say they have searched a 70 square mile area for Daniel, but his father says it's not enough.

Since his disappearance, co-workers, friends and strangers have shown up week after week to search for him. 

And while Gabby Petito's disappearance made international headlines and Daniel's has not, Robinson is full of compassion for what the Petito family is experiencing.

"Of course, that was devastating just to hear another family is going through the same thing I was at the same time I was going through," he said.

"And when I found out she was my son's age, just reading, that's horrible, so it was a horrible thing. And I'd already know what the family is going through, my family knows what the family is going through, and I don't wish it on anybody."

According to Robinson, this experience has turned him into an activist for the families of missing persons.

"I run into families all the time that email me and text me and tell me their story," he noted. "And you'll just be amazed, the pain that people go through."

Daniel Robinson is 5 feet, 8 inches and about 155 pounds. He was born without a right hand, which his father says made him even more determined to succeed. 

While his life has been publicly reduced to facts about his disappearance, Daniel's parents, older brother, twin sister, grandparents and countless friends are desperate to find him.

"He's a scientist," Robinson said. "He worked hard for what he got, and he's out there somewhere, and I need some help in finding him."

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