Delaware Man Wins $50,000 After Reading Story About Unclaimed Lotto Prize


A Delaware man only learned he had won the lottery after reading a story about an unclaimed prize. 

A $50,000 prize from the June 13 Powerball drawing sat without a winner for three months before the 69-year-old man checked his ticket.

The man, who has not been identified, told Delaware Lottery officials he was in "disbelief" when he found out he was the winner.

"I took them [the tickets] in to have the cashier check them. She said I was a winner, but joked that the winning amount was too much to tell me right there in the store,” the man said.

After taxes, the man is going home with $38,000.

He plans to use some of the money to fix up an old car he's been working on, he said, as well as pay some bills.


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