Australian Man Says He Dreamed His $3.5 Million Lottery Win: 'I Just Had This Overwhelming Feeling'

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Dreams really do come true, at least for one Australian man who says he dreamed up a lottery win three weeks before it actually happened. 

The man, who was not identified, told lottery officials that he wasn't surprised to hit the $3.5 million prize.

"Three weeks ago, I had a dream where I won Set for Life," the man said as he claimed his winnings. "Then yesterday when we were sitting on the beach relaxing, I looked at my wife, grabbed her hands and I said to her, 'We are about to win something, you just wait.'"

Their patience paid off. 

"After that dream, I just had this overwhelming feeling that we were going to win, and turns out I was right!" the man said. 

So what are their plans for the money? The pair are looking forward to retiring and traveling around the globe


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