Derek Chauvin Trial: Defense Rests as Chauvin Invokes 5th Amendment Right to Not Testify at Trial

Derek Chauvin's defense rested their case Thursday as the former Minneapolis police officer invoked his Fifth Amendment right to not take the stand in the trial.

The defense rested Thursday in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who is accused of killing George Floyd last May during an arrest outside a convenient store. Chauvin spoke for the first time as he invoked his Fifth Amendment right to not take the stand.

“I will invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege today,” Chauvin said.

The jury was not present as he announced he would not testify in his own defense. It was the 14th day of the trial that saw testimony from witnesses, law enforcement and health experts.

“Did anyone promise you anything or threaten you in any way to keep you from testifying?” Judge Peter Cahill asked.

“No promises or threats, your honor,” Chauvin said. 

Jury deliberations are expected to begin soon.

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