Designer Brian Wood Partners With Inside Edition to Create Exclusive Clothing Line

Brian Wood revealed the designs, which go on sale this Friday, in his shop in New York City.

Inside Edition has partnered with designer Brian Wood of BWOOD to create a exclusive line of clothing inspired by TV's longest-running syndicated newsmagazine.

Among the items up for grabs are a hoodie, a long-sleeve shirt and a T-shirt. visited Wood's store in New York City to get a preview of the line, which goes on sale in his store and online this Friday.

"I've watched Inside Edition from when I was younger," Wood said. "I was like, 'Alright, this is cool. How do I create something ... with this legendary entity in media that will connect with the customers?'"

He showed off the black hoodie, which features the word "Syndicated" across its chest.

"We really wanted to focus on one aspect of, of this syndication," he said, referring to when a TV show is sold to different stations and not made for any specific network.

"The pocket hits kind of fun too," he added of the hoodie design.

Overall, he wants the line to feel "special." Only 150 items are going on sale. "There's not a lot of quantities and I think that the design is different too," he said.

There are lots of little hidden surprises, as Wood called them. "Once a person receives the garment or gets the garment or puts the garment on, they find like another thing about it," he said.

To pick up your own, head to the Wood Shoppe on Orchard Street in Manhattan or visit his website,


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