Desmond Marrow Arrest: Former NFL Player Says 'I Can't Breathe' in Disturbing Video

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A troubling video shows former NFL player Desmond Marrow being wrestled to the ground and choked as he was arrested outside an Atlanta mall. 

Cops say the 30-year-old former Tampa Bay Buccaneer was resisting arrest after a road rage incident in which he threatened to shoot someone in the mall parking lot.

“You'll get Tased, do you understand me?” an officer tells Marrow. 

“I'm not even doing nothing," the 6-foot-3-inch former defensive back replied. "I'm not even fighting back." 

Marrow was taken to the ground and pinned. At one point, an officer is seen gripping Marrow's throat.

"I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" Marrow repeated. 

It was the same plea made by Eric Garner, who was arrested for allegedly peddling cigarettes four years ago in Staten Island, N.Y.

In this latest case, Marrow says, "I thought I was going to die. My breath kept slipping away."

Marrow was charged with making terroristic threats, aggressive driving and obstructing police.

He says he had teeth knocked out during the arrest.

A spokesman for Atlanta's Black Lives Matter movement said he was "utterly disgusted" by how police handled the arrest.

The arrest report says Marrow "shouted several times that he was not able to breathe" but it adds, "As he was shouting, he was clearly breathing."

The incident happened in December but has only just come to light after Marrow posted the video on Facebook Thursday. 

The police department says the matter is under investigation.


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