Did 2020 Make You a Better Person? New Survey Says 7 in 10 Americans Say 2020 Made Them More Selfless

A photo of people helping people.
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A new survey that revealed the 7 in 10 Americans agree that 2020 made them a better person.

Most would agree that 2020 was catastrophic year for so many, with so much sacrifice, suffering and loss, for some, there may have been a silver lining. A new poll has revealed that seven in 10 Americans say that 2020 made them a better person.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Eyes of Hope, the charitable arm of VSP Global, polled 2,005 Americans and was designed to find out how people were dealing with the impacts of the pandemic, the Good News Network (GNN) reported.

The findings were uplifting, with 74% of Americans saying 2020 made them more aware of the needs of others—and more selfless than ever before. 

In fact, since March, 87% of Americans have donated a portion of their paycheck, even though three in five have experienced financial difficulties of their own.

People also reported being more likely to help a neighbor in need. Forty-one percent of people said they have helped a stranger cross the street; 38% said they have taken out their neighbor’s trash, and 31% said they have walked their neighbors dogs, GNN reported. 

Overall, more Americans are showing kindness, with 72% said they found themselves caring about the health and well-being of others significantly more in the past year.

“It’s been incredibly meaningful to see how the challenges of the last year have caused us to care even more for each other,” Pat McNeil, a spokesperson for VSP Eyes of Hope, told the GNN. “This study validates what we’ve been hearing from our employees and charitable partners: people are looking to better the lives of others and their communities because they envision a greater purpose after such a devastating year."

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