Did Aubrey O'Day Tweet Out a Photo of Donald Trump Jr.'s Feet During Alleged Affair?

Internet sleuths are out to prove that the 2012 photo is of the two playing "footsie" in bed.

New suspicions are being raised about Donald Trump Jr.’s alleged affair with pop singer Aubrey O'Day after a six-year-old Twitter post resurfaced. 

The tweet from 2012 is getting a lot of attention which features the former Danity Kane singer playing footsie with a man in bed. Many are speculating that the second set of feet belong to President Trump’s eldest son. 

“My babe is protecting my feet from bunion attacks," she wrote. "True love feet." 

Social media users are comparing the feet with images of Donald Jr.'s bare feet from his own Instagram page.

Inside Edition went to podiatrist Dr. Neal Blitz for his opinion.

"It is possible, but it is not entirely clear,” he said after studying O'Day's photo and a picture of Don Jr.'s feet. "I can tell you in the pictures that the second and third toes are longer which is not entirely common, but it is not entirely uncommon and both people in these pictures have the long second and third toes."

Aubrey O'Day first shot to fame as a member of Danity Kane in the early 2000s. She later appeared on season 5 of Celebrity Apprentice in 2011.

Don. Jr., who appeared on the show as a guest judge, was smitten with the singer, according to published reports.

O'Day and Donald Trump Jr. have not commented on rumors of the alleged affair.