Did Elizabeth Holmes Get Married in Secret in an Effort to Get Pregnant Before Trial?

Elizabeth Holmes walks through security as she arrives at court in January 2019.
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan / Staff

Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced Theranos founder, is believed to have tied the knot with her hotel heir fiance Billy Evans.

Did disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes get married in secret in the hopes of becoming pregnant so she appears more sympathetic on the stand? That's one of the theories put forth by one of her former colleagues after news emerged of her recent reported nuptials.

Page Six was the first to report that Holmes, 35, had tied the knot with her 27-year-old hotel heir fiance Billy Evans. Vanity Fair reporter Nick Bilton, who's written extensively about Holmes and Theranos, later confirmed the news with his own sources. 

But could the marriage be a sham just like Holmes' company allegedly was? On his podcast, Bilton suggested that the pair may have rushed to exchange vows so that she can bankroll her legal team as her trial approaches. 

“She doesn’t have any money… he [Billy Evans] is a trust fund baby and has a lot of money, and he is probably helping out with the legal bills, because Elizabeth’s family doesn’t have money either,” said Bilton. 

Others speculated whether Holmes is looking to get pregnant. “She will look very sympathetic as a pregnant woman on the stand,” one former employee told Vanity Fair, according to Bilton.

The relationship is reportedly baffling to Evans' family and friends, who, according to the New York Post, tried to warn him away from her. 

“His family is like, ‘What the f*** are you doing?’ It’s like he’s been brainwashed. ‘The media has it all wrong about her,’” a colleague of Evans told the Post. 

Another friend who went to MIT with Evans said many are shocked by the match. “He seems like he had a solid head on his shoulders and had common sense and was a good judge of character. … How does a rational, very intelligent person reach such a different conclusion about a person [than the rest of the country]?

"It doesn’t make sense," the friend added. 

Theranos, a company once valued at more than $9 billion with Holmes at its helm, was once hailed as innovative for its breakthrough technology that claimed it could perform hundreds of lab tests using only a couple drops of blood. 

Holmes fell hard when her company was shuttered last year and federal authorities accused her of "massive fraud." She’s pleaded not guilty and is currently awaiting trial. If convicted, she could be facing up to 20 years in prison.

But you wouldn't know it by how she's spent recent months, gallivanting around the San Francisco Bay Area with Evans and her husky, Balto, whom Holmes infamously claimed was not a dog but a wolf.

Inside Edition tracked Holmes down at a local park to ask her about the recent HBO documentary about her, "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley," but she just kept walking, enjoying the warm and sunny day.

Holmes reached a settlement with the SEC in March 2018 and agreed to pay a fine of $500,000, among other penalties. Two months later, Holmes was charged with multiple counts of fraud for misleading investors, government officials and consumers about Theranos' technology. 

Holmes denies any wrongdoing. She is due back in court in July.