Did George Clooney Cause a Flowbee Shortage After Shoutout on 'Kimmel'?


And what is a Flowbee, anyway?

When George Clooney mentioned on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that he'd been cutting his own hair during the COVID-19 pandemic with a device called a Flowbee, many people didn't believe it. But Clooney’s shoutout has made the 1980s hair appliance hot again.

“You Flowbee your hair? You give yourself haircuts?” Kimmel asked Clooney during an appearance last week.

“Yes, I do,” Clooney said, adding that he’s had the gadget for years. He also gave an on-air demonstration.

The device is a hair trimmer that hooks up to a vacuum cleaner. It peaked in popularity during the 1980s, but it’s now making a comeback. With so many barbers and hair salons closed during the pandemic, people are turning to the Flowbee to cut their own hair.

And five days after Clooney’s interview, Flowbees have completely sold out.

Like Clooney, Montana resident Tom White bought his first Flowbee way back when.

“I would consider myself a Flowbee aficionado,” White told Inside Edition. “It’s given me the opportunity to have a perfect haircut every two to three weeks.”

And when the pandemic struck, White introduced his son-in-law, Jason, to the tool. Jason said that before the pandemic, he always poked fun at his father-in-law for using it.

“Once the pandemic hit, the joke was on me because I couldn't get a haircut. I decided to get brave and test it out,” Jason said.

“I was very impressed with its ability to cut my hair. I’m not gonna lie,” he added.

People have dubbed the product’s resurgence in popularity the “Clooney Effect.”