Did Marla Maples Cheat on Donald Trump With Michael Bolton?

The amazing story of the alleged love triangle is detailed in a just-released FBI file.

Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples allegedly hooked up with singer Michael Bolton, according reports contained in an FBI file. 

The alleged love triangle is detailed in a newly released FBI file that features reports about a number of incidents at Trump Tower over the years. 

The FBI dossier states that Maples’ former publicist, Chuck Jones, testified in court that she “had bought singer Michael Bolton back to her room following Trump's departure for a West Coast trip.” 

Jones was jailed in 1999 for stealing nude photos of Maples as well as dozens of her shoes. But he had his revenge. Published reports say he blew the whistle on Maples’ alleged affair with a bodyguard, Spencer Wagner, in 1996.

Maples and her alleged bodyguard beau were caught by police during a suspected tryst on a Florida beach a short distance from Mar-a-Lago. The bodyguard denied having an improper relationship with Maples. 

He was fired four months later, and Trump and Maples called it quits in 1997. 

After Trump fired him, Wagner had trouble finding work as a bodyguard. He died on January 1, 2012, of a drug overdose. His ex-wife told Inside Edition in 2016 he never really recovered from the scandal that tore apart Maples and Trump's marriage.

Maples, who had one child with Trump, Tiffany, has never remarried. 

Trump remarried for a third time in 2005 to Melania Trump. The couple has one son together, Barron.