Did the Royal Family Snub Meghan Markle at The Remembrance Day Service?

Meghan, 38, watched from a balcony separate from the Queen and Kate Middleton during the ceremony.

After Meghan Markle was seen standing separately from Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton and Duchess Camilla during Monday’s Remembrance Day Service, many royal watchers wondered if the Duchess of Sussex has been snubbed. But that apparently wasn’t the case.

Meghan, 38, watched from a separate balcony outside The Cenotaph memorial in London because the balconies are too small to fit more than three or four people, People reported.

The Queen’s daughter-in-law Sophie and Princess Anne’s husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, stood beside Meghan.

Last year, Meghan stood with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s wife Elke Budenbender. 

Over the weekend, Meghan and Prince Harry also attended the Festival of Remembrance alongside Prince William and Kate in the group's first public appearance together in quite some time.