Did This Mom's Prank Go Too Far?

Her two kids just stood in front of her screaming.

One New York mom’s recent Halloween prank was so realistic that it had her kids crying and scared for her life. 

Renae Johnson poked a pair of scissors through a fake tongue. Holding the tongue in her mouth like it was real, she lay on the floor as the kids got home from school. 

She positioned her phone on the floor, where she was sprawled out as if she had been injured.   

When her son, Jameson, walked in the door, she started moaning in pretend pain. He screamed and cried as she wrote a fake note asking for help

Suddenly, her daughter, Isabella, came home and freaked out as well. 

At this point, mom decided to come clean, and her daughter was furious.
Renee, who told Inside Edition that she and her kids play pranks all the time, did not think she went too far. 

“I can't even watch the video today without holding my stomach because it is painful from laughing,” she said. 

The video has at least 15 million views, and many of the comments criticized the mom's behavior. 

"To the people who talked negative to me, it really doesn't bother me because I know how I am as a parent, we all get along, no one hates each other here,” the proud mom declared. 

Both of the kids said that they were scared at first, but they now know it was just a funny prank. 

The mother said she was visited by Child Protective Services but they have not taken any action.