Did Woman's Surgery to Look Like Meghan Markle Work?

Inside Edition joined Tanya Ricardo as she showed off her new look to friends and family.

Tanya Ricardo was so obsessed with Meghan Markle, she went under the knife to look more like her. 

She underwent eight procedures to achieve Meghan's curves and distinctive facial structure: cheek countering and filler, liposuction under her chin, breast implants, liposuction on her tummy, hips and lower back, and a Brazilian butt lift. 

"She's graceful, a very, very graceful woman," Ricardo told Inside Edition of Meghan. "... I want what she has that I don't."

She added: "They say I'm very crazy for doing this, but I don't care."

So did it work? Inside Edition joined Ricardo as she showed off her new look to friends and family three weeks after the six-hour surgery. 

At Houston's chic restaurant Bisou, she struck a pose in a shimmery dress. Her dad was speechless; her boyfriend, Michael Duncan, was blown away.

"I think she's prettier than Meghan," said Dr. Franklin Rose, who performed the procedures on Ricardo.

"I'm so happy with my Meghan look," Ricardo declared. 

Watch the video above to see the results.