Disgusted Woman Reveals in Viral TikTok How Man Followed Her for 5 Miles to Tell Her 'You're Pretty'

The TikTok video has gone viral.
The TikTok user @buzzcutkenny has received scores of reactions to her video.TikTok

The man followed her into her apartment complex and then blocked her car, the woman said in a TikTok video.

A disgusted woman posted a TikTok video describing how a man followed her home to tell her 'You're pretty," and then blocked her from entering her parking garage.

The video, which has gone viral, generated scores of responses, not all of them supportive, she said.

She titled the clip, “I hate males WHY WOULD THIS EVER BE OK."

She began her video by saying "At this point, I’m sorry, but men should not have rights." Then she corrected herself. "I don’t actually think men shouldn’t have rights," she said. "Y'all are just terrifying.”

The poster recounted pulling into her driveway and seeing someone behind her.

“So I just got home and there was a car who pulled up behind me, right, which is fine because I live in an apartment complex and that’s normal,” she said.

Then things turned strange, she said.

“But this car wedges itself between me and the parking garage, and there’s a man in it. He motions for me to roll my window down, so I did and I was like, ‘Can I help you?’”

He then asked if she lived there, she said. She lied and said no, she was visiting a friend.

"I've been following you for five miles," she said the man told her. "Because he said he saw me at a stop light and wanted to tell me I was pretty," she said.

The encounter left her angry and with a pounding heart, she said.

“In what f***ing world is that appropriate?” she asked.

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, with some viewers suggesting she take the man's remarks as a "compliment" and move on.

Other commenters were as outraged as she was.

“When women generalize men, feelings get hurt. When men generalize women, women get murdered, or worse," one person wrote. 

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