Distraught Mom Shares Photos of Baby Covered in Apparent Bite Marks After Day Care Visit

The girl had 25 bite marks on her body, her mom said.

An Arizona mom is sharing disturbing images of what she says is her 15-month-old daughter covered in bite marks. 

Alice Martin said she picked up her daughter Rose from a day care center in Tucson, only to find her back completely covered with red bite marks.

"I was just in complete shock for about a minute and then I started sobbing and crying and holding her," she told Inside Edition. 

Martin said she counted more than 25 bites on the little girl. She immediately filed a police report, but she still has no idea who is responsible for the marks.

"The doctor said it looked for sure like human beings, then they said it was a child based on the measurements," Martin said. 

Now she has a warning for other parents searching for day care for their children.

"Don’t compromise," she said. "The day care she is at now I would have never considered because of the price is just about as much as my mortgage, but it is worth it, every penny."