Mom Finds Love With Her Anonymous Sperm Donor

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This mom found love in a way she never expected: with her sperm donor

Jessica Share's new boyfriend is the father of her daughter, Alice, but she only just met him for the first time. 

"It was incredibly comfortable to be around each other," Share told Inside Edition. "It felt like family."

Back in 2005, Share went to a sperm bank and used an anonymous donor to become pregnant. All she knew was that he was a healthy man who liked sports, reading and music. 

"We picked him based on things that made him well-rounded," said Share. "He liked sports and writing."

As the years passed, however, Alice became more and more curious about her biological father. She and her mom turned to a DNA website to find him and discovered he was a man named Aaron Long from Seattle

"When we got test results ... you're just blown away," said Share.

For his part, Long had wanted to know more about his own background and turned to a DNA website as well.

He discovered he was the father of many kids, thanks to donating his sperm when he was a struggling writer. 

Long invited Alice to his home, never expecting to form a connection with Share. 

"We sparked and got along and pretty soon started dating," said Long.

Love finds a way. 


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