Meet the Dad Who Has 25 Children After Donating Sperm Decades Ago

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Three decades ago, when Peter Ellenstein was a struggling actor, he donated his sperm to make some extra cash

He didn't think much about it until a young woman named Rachel contacted him with a startling revelation: Ellenstein was her dad — and he had lots of other children. At least 25, to be exact.

"They've been showing up at about one a month ever since Rachel found me in October of 2017," Ellenstein, 57, told Inside Edition. 

Inside Edition recently brought all 25 of the kids and Ellenstein together for a reunion. The eldest, 30-year-old Teresa, brought doughnuts and Champagne to celebrate. 

As they chatted, the kids discovered they had more in common than just sharing a father. Two of the girls actually went to college together, never realizing they were related. "I remember Griffin because obviously she's very tall," said Lane.

Others are still coping with the shock. "Going from having no siblings to having infinite siblings is kind of an interesting adjustment," Noah said. 

"We're just sharing this crazy experience together and laughing at the absurdity of it," added Rachel. 

Ellenstein is thrilled to have made these new connections. "I look around and I just see all this life and it's just exciting and fascinating," he said. 


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