Dizzying Video Shows Woman Spinning in Helicopter Rescue Gone Wrong: Today on Inside Edition

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Dizzying video shows a helicopter rescue gone horribly wrong as an injured woman suspended from the aircraft spins wildly. 

Strapped to a stretcher, the woman, who was injured during a hike and had to be evacuated, twists around a nauseating 175 times. So what went wrong?

The woman involved in a fender-bender with comedian Tracy Morgan is speaking out to Inside Edition about the collision. Why she says she was scared.

Dozens of friends and family joined a D-Day veteran for a trip to Normandy Beach to pay his respects to his fallen comrades for the 75th anniversary of the World War II battle. He spoke to Inside Edition about his memories of the day.

And a dog got a second "leash" on life thanks to a hiker who stumbled upon her trapped in a cave.

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