Teen With Cerebral Palsy Makes Basketball Shot With the Help of Classmates

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A teen with cerebral palsy who had hopes of making a basketball shot one day had his dream come true. 

Thanks to the help of classmates and school staff, Tristan Garcia, who uses a wheelchair, was able to sink a shot inside of his middle school gym in San Antonio, Texas. 

His condition makes it hard for him to have the strength to make a basket, so on May 23, after the school’s “Teachers vs. Students” game, they lifted him in his wheelchair so he could try. And he scored!

“When I made the shot and everyone started to cheer the feeling was indescribable — I was so excited,” Tristan said.

A crowd in the gym cheered Tristan’s name after the big feat.

Tristan’s teacher, Elizabeth Castillo, said the teen lives and breathes basketball and is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan. 

When Tristan made the shot after many missed tries, she said it was an emotional moment for everyone there.

“He made that basket and there wasn’t a dry eye in that gym. The kids were all cheering. The teachers we all crying because we got to witness a miracle for Tristan," Castillo said. 

Castillo added that the accomplishment will give other kids with special needs encouragement.

“He’s given people that have no disabilities some hope," she said. "I told him, ‘You don't realize what you did for kids in wheelchairs. You’ve made them realize if Tristan Garcia can do this I can do it.’”


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