Doctor Delivers Baby Girl While Dressed as The Joker

He was celebrating Halloween.

A Tennessee obstetrician stayed in character on Halloween when he delivered a baby girl  while dressed as The Joker. 

Dr. Paul Locus, who works at the Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tenn., was dressed as Batman’s arch nemesis for the holiday, but hadn't planned on delivering any babies in the costume.

Justin Selph said his wife went to the hospital at about noon on Halloween and Locus showed up in their room to check on them dressed in full costume.

“We thought it was really funny and that it would be pretty neat if our baby was delivered by The Joker,” Selph told “He came back in the room later and said he was going to head home to pass out candy and change out of his clothes.”

Selph, however, said he and his wife let Locus know that if he came back as The Joker, they wouldn’t mind it.

“We figured he’d be ready to get out of the costume,” Selph said. “Eight p.m. rolled around and my wife was ready to deliver. He came to the door and he was still dressed as The Joker.”

Dr. Paul Locus

That’s when Selph decided to whip out his camera for the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

“I was holding my wife’s leg taking pictures while she was delivering the baby,” Selph said. “It was a very exciting and neat experience.”

Dr. Paul Locus

Baby girl Oaklyn Saige Selph was born a short while later, and Selph said he knows the moment was one for the books.

“I guess those pictures will speak for themselves,” he added.