From a Floating Head to a Headless Torso, Meteorologists Deliver Spooky Weather Forecasts for Halloween

Something spooky is going on in the ecosystem.

Meteorologists around the world are taking the opportunity to celebrate Halloween with various green screen effects.

Weatherman John Elliot appeared as a floating head on WCBS as he gave the forecast in New York.

A behind-the-scenes video posted by reporter Chris Wragge showed Elliot wearing a green cloak over his body, revealing only his head, to create the effect.

Meteorologist Tim Heller appeared on KRTK not to discuss cloudy weather in Houston, Texas, but as a cloud himself.

“The one day a year I can get away with doing something this ridiculous,” Heller joked on live television. “Just floating on through here, nothing to see.”

Weatherman Jeremy Eisenzopf of WJHL in Florida went "Rogue One" as he interrupted his colleagues’ live broadcast in a Jedi mask and light saber.

“Did anybody else know that was about to happen?” reporter Amy Lynn laughed.

Meteorologist Alex Deakin of the Met Office, the U.K.’s official weather agency, seemed to be holding his own head in his arms as he delivered the forecast around the country.

Among those included in his report were “Newtcastle,” better known as Newcastle, and “Southaunton,” in lieu of Southampton.

In the background, viewers heard doors creaking and cats howling.

The Met Office later revealed in a tweet that he actually had fellow weather forecaster Chris Page help him with the gag.

Page had the green screen cloak over his head while holding Deakin, who hid his body underneath the cloak.