Dog Found Abandoned With Heartbreaking Note Tied Around His Neck

Credit: Luvnpupz
Credit: Luvnpupz

The dog wandered into a stranger's Michigan yard and the resident called the local dog rescue.

A dog has been found wandering around a Michigan neighborhood with a sad note tied around its neck.

“I am lost and looking for a home. My owner had a stroke and cannot care for me. Please don’t take me to a shelter … Please find me a home," the note read.

The 6-month-old dog, which was hungry, sad and confused, was spotted after he walked into a stranger's front yard.

The homeowner then called Luvnpupz, a non-profit animal rescue, which picked up the pup.

“I think probably, I at first went, 'Wow really?'" Luvnpupz owner, Cari Shipalia, told "Once I held [the note] in my hand, I thought, 'Somebody needs help.' They came to a point where they thought this was their only choice.”

Shipalia said the pup, which has been named Ghost, is now recovering.

The shelter is also looking to find the dog’s owner in hopes they can be of assistance or at least let them know the canine has found a new home.