Psychic Predicts Location of Woman's Beloved Lost Dogs

Sunny and Annie were found exactly where the psychic predicted they would be.
Sunny and Annie were found exactly where the psychic predicted they would be.(Sunrise Stables/Melissa Moore)

The animal communicator saw her dogs trapped in mud, but the dogs' owner didn't initially believe her.

When an animal communicator told Kentucky stable owner Melissa Moore that her lost dogs were trapped in mud, she paid her no mind – until days later, her canine companions were found trying to escape from the bottom of a muddy hole.

“I know,” Moore told “It was weird.”

Moore explained that her dogs, Sunny, a 1-year-old German shepherd, Annie, a 4-year-old mountain dog mix, and Sam, an elderly border collie, have free rein of her horse farm, Sunrise Stables, in Versailles.

“In addition to that, there’s a vineyard next door so we probably have 300 acres they can roam around on, but they always stay pretty close to my barn,” Moore said. “They know their way around and all the neighbors love them – every once in a while, they wander and visit.”

She and some clients were preparing for a big horse show the following week when Sunny and Annie slipped out of her office. Moore said she initially paid it no mind but then began to get nervous when they didn’t return toward the end of the day.

That night, she began calling neighbors and nearby friends, letting them know her dogs were missing, and when they were still nowhere to be found the following morning, she started contacting animal shelters and pounds to see if they have been picked up.

In the following days, she sent out search parties and even enlisted her sister’s boyfriend, who has a power parachute, to get an aerial view of the property.

“I went into full panic mode,” she explained.

But it was one of her clients, an animal communicator, who would figure out where the dog were. 

Moore explained that the communicator's services are often requested if a horse is sick or acting out. The animal communicator acts as a mediator and figure out what was wrong, as if speaking on behalf of the animal.

“I sent her a picture of the dogs, and she said, ‘They're trapped in mud,’” Moore said. “I walked along the creek line into the other farm around us and nothing. I found nothing. I was like, ‘OK, she has no clue what she’s talking about. This is the only place with mud.’”

While Moore was away for the horse show, her friends and family members continued the search on her property.

It was also during this time Sam, the elderly pup she brought along with her, had to be put down because he was too old.

“He was in very bad health but I [wasn’t] going to put him in a kennel because his friends were gone,” Moore said. “It was so sad. I was just depressed. It was terrible. I left with three dogs, I came back with no dogs.”

It had been two weeks since her pups disappeared by the time Moore returned from her horse show, but she continued searching, holding out hope they would one day return.

That’s when she got a call from her neighbor that owns the vineyard next door, who had also just returned from a long trip.

He decided to begin mowing the grass on his property soon after he got home and the tractor dipped into a sinkhole he didn’t realize was there. He peered down, and saw the two lost pups at the bottom of the 5.5-feet-deep, 3-feet-wide hole.

“The walls were straight up, and you could see claw marks all the way up the hole – one of the dogs’ little toe nails were all gone, you could tell she was trying to get out the whole time,” Moore said. “When he got them out of the hole, they just took off running.”

Moore said they had rain the entire two weeks they were missing, which explains how they survived the hot Kentucky summer heat – and why the psychic saw them stuck in mud.

“Well, they were trapped in mud,” Moore said. “How would she have known that?”

A veterinarian said Sunny and Annie were a little dehydrated but in otherwise good condition.

“They’re very happy and I’m happy – I think I’m more happy than they are,” Moore said.