Dog That Reportedly Lived Outside for 12 Years Treated to Bucket List in Last Days

With just weeks to live, Miss Willie was given a bucket list with all the experiences she deserved.

An ailing dog was treated to two weeks’ worth of pampering and remarkable experiences after she was chained outdoors in North Carolina for most of her life, advocates said.

Miss Willie had lived outside a home in Halifax County for 12 years, according to PETA, which said it periodically stopped by to pay the lovable dog a visit

During PETA staffer Jes Cochran’s most recent visit, Miss Willie appeared too weak to stand as she suffered from advanced heartworm disease, PETA said.

The dog’s owner apparently agreed to give her up and though it was believed Miss Willie would likely only have weeks to live, Cochran set out to give the dog a bucket list with all the experiences she deserved

Miss Willie was treated to “a blowout birthday bash, a pizza night, a canoe ride, a massage, a trip to a fire station and a day at the beach,” PETA said. 

“For the first time in her life, Miss Willie slept inside on soft bedding after days full of fun and finally had the chance to experience joy, stimulation, and love,” the organization continued. 

Miss Willie died 16 days after her rescue.