Dog Rescues His Canine Friend Seen Struggling in Arizona Pool

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Move over David Hasselhoff — there's a new hero saving lives in the water.

After a dog named Smokey fell into an Arizona pool recently, his friend Remus did everything in his power to help his mate. 

Remus paced back and forth around the family pool as Smokey appeared to grow increasingly more distressed. 

Eventually, Remus jumped into the water to swim behind his mate and gave him a lift out of the pool. 

Video of the incident was captured by homeowners Laurie and Jay Becerra’s security cameras and later posted on Facebook, where it has captivated the nation.

"So Remus and Smokey got a little rambunctious," Laurie Becerra wrote in a Facebook post. "Smokey can swim just not well. Jay recorded this off our security camera when he saw Smokey all wet!"

Laurie called Remus a "hero" and said he has "a heart of gold."


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