Family Dog Helps Rescue Missing 3-Year-Old Girl

Thankfully, she was unharmed.

A partially blind and deaf dog led rescuers to a 3-year-old Australian girl who spent nearly 15 hours lost at night.

Police said the girl, Aurora, disappeared from her family's property near the rural Queensland state town of Warwick Friday afternoon and the 17-year-old family dog, Max, stayed with her until rescuers reached her Saturday.

Rescuers, including the girl's relatives, found her about a mile away from her house in hilly and rugged terrain, police said.

Aurora’s grandmother, Leisa Bennett, says the girl responded faintly to her yells, and she then raced up the mountain to locate the girl.

"The dog came to me and led me straight to her," Bennett said.

More than 100 rescuers joined the search for her and police said she was lucky to be alive, suffering only minor cuts and abrasions.