Puppy Found Near Garbage Gets Second Chance at Life

Daren Wilson
Daren Wilson

He is doing much better.

Thanks to a kind Indiana man, an abandoned puppy is getting a second shot at life.

Daren Wilson said he was working his garbage route on Wednesday when he spotted what he thought was three trash bags for pickup.

“What I thought were three black trash bags was two trash bags and black puppy,” Wilson told InsideEdition.com. “He was curled up beside it. I think he was dumped there.”

Wilson said the dog was extremely emaciated and looked like he hadn’t eaten in a while.

He bought the pup food and water.

“He was so hungry he wouldn’t even chew the food. He was just swallowing it so I had to give it to him a little at a time," Wilson said.

Wilson then called a local animal rescue, 2nd Chance Animal Rescue, and they sent someone to come pick the dog up.

“He was smart and playful and it’s sad someone would drop him off like that,” Wilson said.

The dog, which is 10-12 weeks old, is now recovering.

“He is full of life and getting better everyday,” Wilson said.

He plans to go visit the puppy next week.