See the Moment Orphaned Bow-Legged Puppy Walks as Cast Is Removed

Vets don't know how or why his legs became bowed.

An orphaned bow-legged dog in California has been given some much-needed care after veterinarians saw him struggling to walk, and the results are remarkable.

Antilles, an orphaned 2-month-old German shepherd-mix puppy, was brought to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Sante Fe, Calif., on March 1. A team of veterinarians helped fix his two front legs, which were bowed, making it difficult for him to walk. 

Vets are unsure how or why his legs were bowed, but saw that he was having difficulty also supporting his own body weight. 

Dr. Patricia Carter outfitted the dog with casts on his two front legs to straighten out his bones.

A few weeks after he arrived, Antilles got his casts off and found himself learning to walk again. 

"Right now, when we take him out of the splints, he'll start running around on it and start to get a little bit weak again," Dr. Carter told Inside Edition. "He needs a little bit of physical therapy to just kind of strengthen it and not overdo it because he's been doing really well and he's very sweet."

Antilles got off to a wobbly start, but his bow-legs were pretty much gone.

Once Antilles is fully healed, he will be available for adoption at the Woodward Animal Center, located just outside of San Diego.

"He may not be a marathon-running dog, but he certainly will make a good pet," Dr. Carter said.