Pup Zooms Around in Wheelchair After Hind Legs are Paralyzed in Car Crash

Pigeon considers her custom-fit wheelchair an extension of her body, her owner says.

Who needs hind legs when you have wheels?

That appears to be the motto of Pigeon, a pit bull seen zooming around from the moment she's outfitted with a new wheelchair.

"The video that’s gone viral is literally of her the very first time they put her in it," her owner, Erica, told InsideEdition.com. "She was running immediately."

Erica explained that Pigeon was hit by a car last summer, about two months before she adopted her.

It took months of medical attention and rehabilitation before Pigeon could move on her own again by scooting around on her front legs while dragging her hind legs behind her.

But Erica said Pigeon still couldn’t get over her disability.

"She tried so hard the first month and got so frustrated with how slowly she was moving," she said.

That’s when Erica decided to fit her pup with a custom-made wheelchair, courtesy of Eddie’s Wheels, hoping Pigeon will feel more herself again.

“The second we put her in a wheelchair, she became a different dog,” she explained. “Most dogs don’t take to their wheelchairs immediately. Pigeon truly acted as if her chair was an extension of her body and it was amazing.”

Pigeon continues to use her wheelchair daily, Erica said, and the device helps her keep up with her siblings on walks, or playing in the backyard.

“She will literally bark at us to put her in it, she loves it so much,” Erica said.