Rescuers Rush to Save Puppy With Head Stuck in Tire

Thankfully, the poor pup is doing well.

It was a heartbreaking image as a puppy was seen with its head stuck inside a tire, but the small dog was freed, thanks to rescuers.

Employees at the Bastrop County Animal Control and Shelter received a call Friday afternoon about the sad situation and quickly jumped in to help.

"I get there and lo and behold, the puppy is legitimately stuck," Evan Jacobs, the manager of the shelter, told "We picked up the tire and we tried and tried. We put cooking oil over it. We couldn't get that puppy out to save our lives."

That’s when they called in the Bastrop County Fire Department to cut the rim, but that only scared the small pup. The Jaws of Life didn’t work either. 

“[A] firefighter said, 'Hey, has anyone tried to support the puppy and stretch it out a bit?'” Jacobs said. "I held the tire. She held the body, we tilted the body, and the puppy popped right out."

The entire rescue took 10 minutes after the 10-week-old puppy had been in the uncomfortable position all afternoon.

The puppy’s mom, who was close by, was just as glad as anyone else. 

“Everyone was ecstatic, even the puppy. Mom was licking off the puppy,” Jacobs said.

The puppy and her seven siblings will soon be up for adoption at Wags for Hope and Healing in Texas.