Dog Found in a Ditch With a Stomach Full of Rocks Is Expected to Recover

Dog sitting in back of car with a cone around it's neck
Facebook/A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue

Duke, a German Shepherd, was left in a ditch and ate rocks to survive.

A Las Vegas-based animal rescue saved a dog found in a ditch and discovered he had multiple fractures and a stomach full of rocks.

A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue, a volunteer nonprofit that provides foster care and treatment for dogs, got a tip on Jan. 30 that a German Shepherd was injured in a ditch in Las Vegas and went to save the day, according to the group.

When they arrived, they found Duke in poor condition and rushed him to the vet. The vet found the poor pup was suffering from pelvic and leg fractures and also had a stomach full of rocks, said the nonprofit. 

The rescue group said the dog may have either been hit by a car or possibly faced intentional cruelty considering Duke was left in a ditch and had to eat rocks to survive. 

“We are heartbroken for all the suffering this young boy has endured but he is safe and will only know love from here on out,” said the group. 

In an update, the rescue group announced that Duke was able to have surgery on Feb. 1 and had the rocks removed. The surgery was successful but unfortunately due to his leg injury, Duke can’t put any weight on one of his legs.

Despite the injury, a video was shared of Duke hopping around his foster parents' home looking happy as can be. His foster mom said it will be about a 5-6 month recovery period. 

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