Dog Gets Loose on New York City Streets, Leading Good Samaritans on Desperate Chase

Cars came to a halt as the dog raced up the on-ramp of the FDR Parkway.

Video has captured the harrowing pursuit of a runaway dog that zipped through the busy streets of New York City and onto an even busier highway.

“Grab the dog!” Ricky Bernstein is heard yelling as he biked through traffic in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, trying in vain to catch up to the speedy little pooch

Bernstein and his wife called to onlookers to help as they pedaled after the dog, a Go Pro camera attached to his bike showed. 

“Can anybody stop that dog?” Bernstein can be heard yelling. "Grab the dog, somebody!"

But the dog made its way onto the ramp of the FDR Drive, and Bernstein followed.

Fortunately, traffic slowed and eventually stopped, giving Bernstein the opportunity to corner the dog and finally take it out of harm’s way.

The animal’s owner eventually arrived on the scene and thanked Bernstein for his help.

Bernstein told Inside Edition he didn’t give it a second thought when he embarked on a chase that spanned two miles in an attempt to catch the unknown dog.

“I just sort of took off after it,” he said. “[It’s] a man’s best friend. Everybody wanted to save the dog.”