Two High-Jumping Rescue Dogs Take Home World Records

Their owner says she started training them when she saw their talents.

Look out, Air Bud! One woman has two dogs with some serious jumping skills.

Samantha Valle's two dogs, Feather and Geronimo, hold Guinness World Titles for their skills. Feather holds the record for highest dog jump at 6.2 feet, while Geronimo, holds the title for the most double dutch-style skips in one minute.

Both of Valle’s dogs are rescues.

“They were probably already great when that person threw them away but you just needed a certain person to come along and see the potential in that dog to make it even greater,” said Valle, 31. 

Valle first noticed Feather’s talents when she saw her jump so high that she hit their basement ceiling. She started training the pup after that moment.

“She just kept going higher and higher,” Valle said.

Geronimo proved to be hard to train when Valle first adopted him so she incorporated skipping rope into his sessions and she said he was a “complete natural.”

Both of the powerful pups are featured in Guinness World Records' 2019 edition.