Very Good Pup Patiently Waits Outside Cafeteria With 'No Dogs Allowed' Sign

A Frenchie named Max waits obediently outside the office cafeteria.
A Frenchie named Max waits obediently outside the office cafeteria.(Jasmine Scofield)

The Frenchie named Max clearly knew he had to follow the rules.

“No dogs allowed” may not be his favorite rule, but this canine knew to obey.

A Frenchie named Max was photographed waiting obediently outside an office cafeteria, near a sign that read, "No dogs allowed in the café."

"Max was very patiently watching his owner get something to drink," said co-worker Jasmine Scofield of California. “He had no problem waiting at all, he’s a very happy and patient boy."

Scofield posted pictures to Twitter, and Max quickly went viral.

Scofield, who works for, explained they work in an office space that is pet-friendly, but animals aren’t allowed in the cafeteria as a courtesy to those with animal allergies.

"They’re all trained not to enter the cafeteria," she said. “Most people just leave their dogs at their desk, but the good boys like Max get to sneak a little closer."

And, clearly the good behavior paid off.

Shortly after his viral fame, the company announced Max has been promoted to Chief Dog Officer.