Lamb Is Named Lucky After Surviving 4 Days Stranded on Deadly Cliff

The lamb had fallen 250 feet and remained on a cliff as rough waters surged beneath him.

A lamb has been safely rescued after spending four days stuck on a dangerous cliff above intense crashing waves off the coast of England.

Matt Relton and Pete Harrison, who run the boating company Odyssey Marine Adventures, told SWNS they were on one of their wildlife adventures when they spotted the lamb stranded on the cliff in Newquay, Cornwall.

"He must have fallen into the sea and clambered onto the ledge," Relton told SWNS. "Goodness knows how he survived."

Relton said the sea had been really rough and he wasn’t quite sure how the lamb, which they named "Lucky," didn’t get washed away by the surging water.

"We decided to call him ‘Lucky,’ as not only has he survived the fall, he had now survived a big tide and waves,” Relton said.

The two skippers kept in contact with a local farmer named Bob and the Newquay Coastguard over the course of the four days to update them on the stranded sheep’s condition following its 250-foot fall.

Relton said Bob wanted to give Lucky a chance since he looked healthy and there would be an opportunity to rescue him once the water levels dropped.

On Saturday morning, Relton told SWNS they took the farmer out on the boat with them and put their rescue mission into action.

"It was a difficult maneuver, but because of the training that we have done with the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) and Cornwall Flood Rescue, we were able to put the nose of the boat against the rock and power on the throttle," Relton said. "This basically locks the boat to the rock and makes it a very stable platform."

Bob successfully grabbed Lucky from the cliff and handed the lamb down to the boat.

"The sheep was super friendly and seemed to have good sea legs," Relton told SWNS. "He seemed delighted to be rescued."