Dog Rescued After Being Swiped as His Owner Collapsed on a Walk

The little Chihuahua was found alive and well a few days later, taken by a women located sleeping in a van she allegedly stole.

This dog had a double scare when his owner collapse on a walk — and then he was taken by a stranger.

Robert Corby, 59, was walking his little Chihuahua, Sampson, when he collapsed suddenly. Surveillance video showed people rushing to his side to help him as he laid behind a dumpster.

But then, video shows a woman take the Sampson's leash and walk off with him. The loyal pet takes one last look at his owner before the woman leads him away.

Corby was close with his niece, Kelly, who could not believe what had happened to the pair.

The woman was found just a few days later, sleeping in a truck she allegedly stole. Sampson was alive and well, even getting a clean bill of health from the vet after being rescued.

After returning home, Kelly said she took the dog to the funeral home to say goodbye to his master.

"He sat on the casket for a little while. I felt like he needed the closure, but it was also a good opportunity for us to have closure," Kelly said.