Photographer Captures Beauty of Dogs With 3 Legs, 1 Eye in New Book

"I hope people love these dogs as much as I do," the photographer said.

All dogs are good dogs, and this photographer is showing the world that even dogs that are missing an ear or a limb are perfect in their own way.

Australian photographer Alex Cearns spotlighted 60 dogs with different disabilities in her new series, “Perfect Imperfection: Dog Portraits of Resilience and Love.”

“I hope people see these animals and understand they’re worthy of the same love any other animal is worthy of,” Cearns told “They’re happy, they’re fulfilled and they inspire all of us to push on, get on with it, live in the moment, be present, make the most of this life we have and the time we have — no matter how long that may be.”

Cearns, who has released other photography books of dogs and other animals over the years, said she was inspired to do a photo series of dogs with disabilities as more and more owners were coming to her studio asking for portraits.

“Half the time, they didn’t even know they had a disability,” she said. “Their tenacity to push through all these things and just make the most of every day they had and I wanted to share those stories and images with other people.”

Vegemite, the dog on the cover, was fun and positive despite only having one eye.

And Bali Pip, another feature in the book, lost all her fur from mange, but Cearns couldn’t help but fall in love with how hopeful she looked.

“When I was a child, these puppies would have been euthanized when they were born or when they had a leg amputated or an eye removed,” she said. “Things have changed. I hope people love these dogs as much as I do.”