Dog Sniffs Out Nearly $3 Million Worth of Cocaine Hidden in Box Of Cereal

On February 13, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Cincinnati intercepted smuggled narcotics in a shipment of cereal originating from South America
U.S Customs and Border Control

A cereal box supposedly full of frosted flakes was discovered to be jam packed with over 40 pounds of cocaine and a dog was able to get to the bottom of it, according to reports.

The cereal box was shipped out from South America and headed to a home in Hong Kong — but the pup, trained in narcotics detection, along with officers from the Customs and Border Control in Cincinnati, found that there was more than just cereal inside, the federal agency wrote in a statement.

The dog named Bico sniffed out the cocaine as the box traveled from Peru on Feb. 13, according to the statement. The frosted corn flakes turned out to be coated in a gray-colored substance, and the cereal made of white powder, both of which tested positive for cocaine.

The supply could have an estimated street value of up to $2,822,400, according to authorities.

Smugglers will resort to hiding narcotics in anything they can get their hands on, says Cincinnati Port Director Richard Gillespie.

“The men and women at the Port of Cincinnati are committed to stopping the flow of dangerous drugs, and they continue to use their training, intuition, and strategic skills to prevent these kinds of illegitimate shipments from reaching the public,” Gillespie said in a statement.




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