'Ghost' Ship Carrying Nearly 1,500 Pounds of Cocaine Worth $80 Million Washes Up on Marshall Islands | Inside Edition

'Ghost' Ship Carrying Nearly 1,500 Pounds of Cocaine Worth $80 Million Washes Up on Marshall Islands

Authorities posed with the nearly 1,500 pounds of cocaine after seizing it. They destroyed it by burning it in an incinerator shortly after.
(Marshall Islands Police Department)

No passengers were on board, and authorities believed the ship may have been drifting around the Pacific Ocean for a year or two.

A small ghost boat washed up on the shores of the Marshall Islands last week carrying no passengers except nearly 1,500 pounds of cocaine. The 18-feet-long fiberglass boat was discovered on a beach at Ailuk Atoll filled only with about $80 million worth of the narcotics.

The remote coral island, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is home to only about 400 people, and a resident reportedly discovered the boat last week, Radio New Zealand reported. Residents tried to move the boat onto the beach themselves but it was too heavy, so they looked inside a large compartment underneath the deck of the boat.

That’s when they discovered the cocaine, packaged neatly into 649 1-kilogram bricks.

Residents notified authorities and the drugs were brought back to the capital of Majuro, located on a separate island, where Marshall Islands authorities said they destroyed the drugs by burning them in the incinerator.

Authorities believe the boat may have been at sea for a year or two, and most likely drifted over from South or Central America, CNN reported

This isn’t the first time the Marshall Islands became an unintended recipient of a large drug package – islands located in the Pacific Ocean often intercept drugs as many of them are located along a major international drug trafficking route.