Dog Trapped Behind Wall Is Rescued After 5 Days

A firefighter used a sledgehammer to pound a hole in a wall made of cinder blocks to free Gertie.

Gertie is reunited with her owners after a harrowing rescue. The white terrier mix who had been missing for five days was trapped behind a concrete wall inside a garage in Cincinnati.

Gertie’s owners, Connie Frick and Lynn Herman, told Inside Edition Digital that their pup knows how to "survive" in the wild. They put up 'missing pet' flyers all over their neighborhood hoping someone will spot her. 

“We fully expected her to come back because she has run away so many times,” the owners said.

It worked. 

A neighbor found Gertie, who apparent fell through a hole in the roof of a home about 300 yards from her own home. The garage that was very old had apparently been built into a hillside and part of the hillside wall that had collapsed, according to Gertie's owner, and in its place they had built a cinder-block wall.

When help arrived, a firefighter used a sledgehammer to pound a hole in the wall, which gave him access to Gertie.

The pooch sustained no injuries, and despite being a little tired and hungry, was happy to be back with her parents in the safety of her own home.

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