Domino's Delivery Driver Saves Children From Burning Indiana Home Before Collapsing From Smoke Inhalation

Police bodycam video captured the moment 25-year-old Nick Bostic ran from the burning home carrying a 6-year-old. He had driven past the burning house and quickly jumped into action.

A Domino’s pizza delivery driver is being hailed as a hero for entering a burning building to save children trapped inside.

Nick Bostic, 25, was on his route when he drove past a house on fire in Lafayette, Indiana.

"It looked like hell, if you can imagine what hell looks like," Bostic said. 

He jumped into action and ran inside to help rescue the occupants, then ran back again to look for a 6-year-old who was still inside.

"I took a deep breath. I ran down there and I closed my eyes, led with my hand and used my ears to sense out where the child was crying from. I snatched the baby up, put her in my arms," Bostic said.

Police bodycam video captured the moment Bostic ran from the burning home carrying the 6-year-old child. Exhausted from the ordeal, Bostic collapsed on the ground.

He was rushed to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.

The police department called Bostic’s heroic actions "inspiring."

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