Donald Trump Hush Money Trial: Michael Cohen Admits to Stealing Money From Trump Organization

During cross-examination, Donald Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, admitted he stole $30,000 from the Trump Organization.

On his fourth day on the witness stand Monday, Michael Cohen admitted to stealing money from Donald Trump’s organization in the former president’s criminal hush money trial.

During cross-examination, Trump’s former fixer, Cohen, admitted he stole $30,000 from the Trump organization.

Cohen was given $50,000 by the Trump Organization to pay a tech company to rig an online poll in favor of Trump. It was revealed Cohen paid the company $20,000 and kept the rest of the money for himself.

When asked by Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche in court if he stole from the Trump Organization, Cohen replied, “Yes, sir.”

“The jury did recognize that that was a big admission to steal but I didn’t see a big reaction from the jury and I think that they are getting a little bit tired because it’s getting a bit repetitive but they’re ready for this to end,” Law and Crime legal analyst and host Terri Austin tells Inside Edition.

Cohen is the last witness for the prosecution. Questions are circling about whether Trump will testify in his own defense.

“I think he would probably be able to handle himself on cross-examination but I also think his lawyers are trying to talk him out of it," jury consultant Renato Stabile of Dubin Research and Consulting tells Inside Edition. "They probably feel pretty good with the cross-examination of Michael Cohen. They might feel like they’re ahead and when a defendant testifies, it’s really a Hail Mary so I would say don’t do it."

Closing arguments in the case are expected next week.

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