Donkey That Lives Inside Home Shows Its Distaste for Christmas: 'He Prefers to Be a Dog'

He was rejected by his mother before a family in the U.K. took him in.

This baby donkey isn’t feeling the holiday spirit. 

The miniature mule, which lives inside a U.K. home, is an “extremely naughty” donkey, according to his owner, Alison.

"Now that it's Christmas, we've got a Christmas tree — it's an artificial one — he strolls past, opens his mouth and just grabs anything he can,” Alison said. “We try to keep an eye on him. As soon as we see him going near the tree we tell him off. But sometimes you are not there and you hear the commotion and your baubles bouncing across the floor.”

The 3-month-old donkey, Bond, has been caught pulling down Christmas stockings and ornaments, and he’s definitely not into tinsel. 

Although he’s not exactly looking forward to celebrating Christmas in his new home after his mom rejected him, he does appear to enjoy his life indoors.

He’s been bottle fed for the last three months, and when he gets old enough, he will live outside with nine other donkeys on Alison's farm.

"From when he was born, he slept in the kitchen at the [oven]. We are gradually trying to get him outside but it's winter and we don't have the heart to put him outside,” Alison said. "We've worked so hard to look after him and we don't want to risk anything happening to him now."

Bond is also best friends with Alison’s dog.

"They actually play sometimes like two puppies would play. They wander around the farm together,” Alison said. “They've bonded and she's become the companion for him. [Bond] does not want to be a donkey. He prefers to be a dog.”