Doritos Gives Australian Teen $20,000 for Finding a Puffy Chip

“I found a puff Dorito. Is this valuable or should I just eat it?” the teen said on TikTok. The weird find led to a big payday.

When 13-year-old Rylee Stewart opened a bag of Doritos at home in Australia, she was surprised to see a puffy, three-dimensional chip. 

“I looked at it and thought, this looks a bit funny,” Rylee told Inside Edition.

So the teen went on TikTok to share her find, writing, “I found a puff Dorito. Is this valuable or should I just eat it?”

Thankfully, she didn’t chow it down, because Doritos saw the video and decided to give her a $20,000 reward for finding the perfect puffy chip.

“I honestly thought it might have made a couple of people laugh, and then that was it,” Rylee said.

It isn't the first time the popular snack has made headlines. In 2018, a vintage Doritos bag washed up on a beach in North Carolina. The National Park Service said it was believed that the bag had been floating at sea for 40 years.

Also in 2018, authorities in California went viral for using a bag of Doritos to lure home a large pig that had escaped into the neighborhood. One of the deputies took a bag of Poppin’ Jalapeño Doritos out of her lunch bag and made a trail of chip crumbs leading the pig back home.

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