Dramatic Video Shows Mother and Daughter Firing on Alleged Liquor Store Robber

Both of the women pulled guns to defend their establishment.

A robber almost got away with it, but the owners of this Oklahoma liquor store had other ideas.

Ashley Lee, 30, and her mother, Tina, were working at Forest Acres Liquor in Tulsa when a man armed with a sawed-off shotgun entered and demanded money.

Ashley complied and opened the register. The robber helped himself to the money inside and tried to leave, but that's when Ashley locked the door from the counter. 

She then grabbed a revolver from under the register and handed it off to her mom, who opened fire on the thief as he returned back inside.

Clutching another handgun, Ashley called for help.

Tina continued firing at the robber, even shooting through the glass of the shop's inside door.The robber punched through the broken glass and got a hold of Tina. Ashley then began shooting at the assailant as her mother tried to fight him off.

But the thief got the upper hand, and pistol-whipped Tina after taking her gun. Ashley continued to shoot.

The robber then pointed the weapon at Ashley, but the gun appeared to be out of bullets as he pulled the trigger inches away from her head. He fell as a result of his wounds, giving Ashley and Tina the opportunity to get away.

Tina got seven staples in her head as a result of her injuries.

“They are phenomenal, outstanding,” a police officer told Inside Edition about the mother and daughter.

Police say the suspect is recovering from the bullet wounds and may be connected to 10 other robberies in the area.