Drive-in Diners Are Making a Comeback During the Pandemic

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It's a blast from the past — the return of carhop service at drive-in diners. With so many dining rooms closed across the United States, restaurants are bringing back this classic slice of Americana.

Many people have never experienced carhop service, since it went out of style back in the 1960s. But by having food brought to your car, you can stay safe and feel like you went to a restaurant without ever having to go inside.

At a Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, California, the parking lot was packed during a recent lunch rush, with servers running around delivering to customers. They're now wearing protective gear including masks and gloves.

Sisters Mirna Miller and Candace Ardy decided to check out the carhop for a trip down memory lane. "Brings back beautiful memories," one sister said. 


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