Drone Successfully Drops Heroin, Meth, and Other Drugs Into California Jail

Surprisingly, the drone and all of its contents, sat in a jail courtyard undetected for two days.

This is not your standard pharmacy delivery.

“There was methamphetamines, heroin Xanax, and other prescription medications attached to the drone,” Sergeant Ryan Anderson from the Orange County Sheriff's Department said.

Officials in Orange County, California, say a drone loaded with drugs landed on the grounds of a county jail.

The drone, and all of its contents, sat in a courtyard undetected for two days.

An inmate worker found the drone in the outdoor area and notified deputies about it being on the ground.

According to Sergeant Anderson, the drug drop was allegedly both an inside and an outside job.

“The female suspect was working with the male who was controlling the drone from outside the jail to assist him in landing the drone,” he noted.

Authorities arrested a suspect a few cities away. While searching his apartment, detectives say they found weapons, drugs, and the remote to the drone.

The female suspect was already in jail.

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