Elderly Tennessee Woman Robbed in Church While Praying With Eyes Closed, Disturbing Video Shows

Linda Morrow had arrived early to a prayer meeting when the two suspects came up to talk to her.

An elderly churchgoer was robbed while she sat with her eyes closed in prayer. 

Linda Morrow, 78, arrived early for a prayer meeting at Hilldale Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tennessee. Surveillance video shows two women join her — one in front and another right behind — and strike up a conversation.

One of the strangers asked Morrow to hold hands and pray together. The other women then reached into Morrow’s bag when she wasn’t looking, took out her wallet and helped herself to the cash and other items.

Then, she put the empty wallet back into Morrow’s bag, and the two suspects left the church. 

Cops say they went on a $7,000 shopping spree at a Sam’s Club using Morrow’s credit cards.

Later that night, the outraged pastor, Larry Robertson, spoke about the theft from the lectern.

“Keep your eye on your wallet, even in church, I guess,” Robertson said.

“I just never in a million years thought about anything like that happening,” Morrow told Inside Edition.

“It’s sickening,” Robertson said. “What happened is ridiculously evil.”

Authorities are hoping the video will help track down the suspects.

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